Pyro Analytics rolls out Eye-Spot with Idea Cellular across India

Pyro is successfully running it's Multi Line Number (MLN) services for SMART Pinoy customers

Hyderabad 15th May 2014: Pyro integrated the Multi Line number (MLN) services for SMART Pinoy Customers that helps roamers to enjoy the benefits of local number where they can use it as a home network. Pyro’s innovative and easy-to-use solution allows users to get multiple MSISDN on same SIM card with Single IMSI. The Platform is designed to make communication more affordable for users and also operator can increase revenue by large call volume.

The SMART Pinoy Customers would need to subscribe for MLN number from their home country and would be able to use all the services available with it. Customers who use different mobile devices for different numbers, with different tariff plans separately such as prepaid for personal and postpaid for official calls, can now control expenses with Pyro's innovative feature on MLN. In this case, SMART Pinoy customers would be able use two or more distinct number on the same SIM card. A virtual number is issued and assigned to the customer along with the original mobile number.