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Roaming Suite

Pyro's Roaming Suite has many solutions that can be layered basis a mobile operator's requirement. Our true, seamless, intelligent roaming network makes pre-paid subscribers believe that they are always in their home network. Roaming Suite is an intelligent application that helps subscribers recharge, transfer airtime, receive and send messages with ease across borders, without prefixing country codes while dialing and even have the added value of having their short code services in the home network, getting seamlessly recognised.

Being GSMA OC compliant, Pyro's Roaming Suite is with a single IMSI solution. It has a scalable platform architecture and a faster rollout & go-to-market strategy. By simplifying and centralising Roaming Management and Roaming Value Added Services, Pyro's managed service model increases the number of available options for roaming coverage while ensuring efficient agreement management. It also helps add revenue and enables customers to recharge their prepaid account, wherever they are, with the local voucher of the visited network.

Roaming and interworking are key success factors for GSMA's popularity. International roaming besides offering worldwide coverage is responsible for a significant portion of operator revenues. With bilateral roaming becoming more resource intensive, time consuming and expensive, Pyro's Roaming Suite allows group operators to set up their roaming management into a centralised solution in line with GSMA standards and guidelines of open connectivity.

Pyro's Roaming Suite SDP comprises of:

This service provides mobile operators with a reliable and manageable platform that enables them to send a range of targeted and personalised SMS messages to inbound and outbound subscribers.

Border Roaming Solution enables operators to retain subscribers within their home network while they are in the overlapped signalling region of a neighbouring country.

The Intelligent Call Router system automatically corrects erroneous dialing by roamers, thereby making it easy for them to place a call.

Roam Retention works on MAP-Mobility management message for retaining subscribers. This solution is designed to help retain inbound roamers who are shifting to a competitor’s network.

This service provides an enhanced and secure way to steer roaming subscribers in various VPLMNs. It allows the operator to steer an outbound roaming subscriber to preferred VPLMN networks according to their priorities and criteria. Operators can identify customers who are attempting to do a location update and make necessary agreements in place to boost their outbound roaming revenue.

RQM is a comprehensive roaming network analysis tool which generates various reports and alarms to ensure controlled and effective operation of roaming networks. RQM taps SCCP/ISUP roaming links for relevant information which can be captured, decoded and stored in the form of EDRs in RQM database for further analysis.

GLR stores subscriber profiles at the time of the first Location Update and provides the same profile to the current VLR or different VLRs in the same network for subsequent Location Updates of that particular subscriber.

Camel Lite helps an operator provide prepaid roaming when Home SCP is not Camel enabled or MSC/VLR does not supported Camel for in-roamers. Operators can provide prepaid roaming to subscribers and increase revenues. Pyro Camel Lite ensures the charging is done real-time with Home SCP for Voice and SMS activity.

This solution allows subscribers to use the Local Prepaid Number (VPLMN Series) while roaming. Subscribers can recharge their local account and use the balance for several activities (MO, MT) as per the specific tariff rates designed by the VPLMN operator. Both, the local and active home number can be used simultaneously.

This solution enables operators to offer data services as per local tariffs and local data bundles while ensuring that subscribers still remain connected to their home network for voice and SMS related services.

Pyro's Local Recharge is a true, seamless, and intelligent roaming solution which makes subscribers believe that they are always in their home network. Subscribers can transfer airtime, receive and send messages with ease across borders. They need not prefix country codes while dialing and even have the added value of having their short code services in the home network getting seamlessly recognized. Top ups, recharges are also part of the Local Recharge deliverables.

Multi Line number helps roamers enjoy the benefits of local number where they can use it as a home network. They can subscribe to MLN numbers from their home country and can use all the services available for it. In-roamers can use MLN numbers as well as their own number as per requirement. Some people generally keep different mobiles for different numbers and use different tariff plans. For ex: they use prepaid number for personal use and postpaid for office use. To avoid all expenses of keeping two numbers on different handsets, Pyro has come with an innovative feature through MLN. In this case, subscribers can use two or more distinct numbers on the same SIM card. First number is the original number and the second one is the virtual number.

Pyro’s innovative and easy-to-use solution allows users to get multiple MSISDN on same SIM card with Single IMSI. The Platform is designed to make communication more affordable for users and also operators can increase revenue by large call volumes.

Dynamic SIM Allocation System

Dynamic SIM Allocation System

The Dynamic SIM Allocation System (DSAS) is one of the many innovations under Pyro’s Platform Portfolio. DSAS establishes a centralised location for storing, accessing and administering complex number resources and information. It scales easily to accommodate growing volumes and types of operators and number requirements. Operators can easily submit number request applications online and receive assigned numbers and number blocks.

Briefly, this solution addresses:

  • The HLR/IN insufficient license capacity problem in a cost-effective way
  • Increasing SIM demand with preferred number choice
  • New services to subscriber

Tunable business logic and flexible data modeling, categorisation and inventory access control give you a new level of control over number management administration. You have the flexibility to group and associate numbers in multiple ways and can create custom attributes to address unique business issues. In addition to the wide range of system tunability, you may also define custom vanity number patterns and number aging/quarantine rules.

Voice Applications

Voice Applications

Auto Dialer is an SS7 based IVR solution to dial and play pre-recorded messages to pre-defined numbers. This feature allows users to submit pre recorded messages to a single user or multiple users. It has a user-friendly web interface to submit and view the status of the calls.

Features & Functionalities:
  • Multiple campaigns
  • Campaign wise call flow
  • Capturing user responses
  • Scheduling the start and finish time of a campaign
  • Pause, resume and abort features
  • Prioritizing bulk submission
  • Common / Individual voice message
  • Retry mechanism for failure calls
  • Report on bulk submission
  • Detailed MSISDN wise report
  • Usage report of IVR interaction

Pyro’s Caller Ring Back Tone is an innovative service which gives subscribers the ability to decide what a caller will hear during interconnection. The Ring Back Tone solution replaces standard ring-back tones with any tone the subscriber chooses using a simple, multi-criteria customisation process. For operators, this innovative new service offers solid revenue-enhancing opportunities in both the consumer and corporate market segments. Built on a distributed, Telco-grade server architecture from Intel, the solution is also expandable, making it easy and economical to add new services to keep up with evolving user needs and market place requirements.

Pyro Caller Ring Back Tone service allows subscribers the flexibility to greet callers with their favorite tune, sound, or phrase instead of the usual ringing tone. Given this ability to choose the ring tone a caller will hear, subscribers have an instant way in expressing their own individuality.

Deployment of a caller ring-back tone service provides wide-ranging benefits to service providers, individual subscribers, enterprises and their users.

‘Missed Call Alert’ is a solution that helps operators generate more revenue through higher call completion rates by informing the subscribers on the calls that could not be reached because of some reasons. With this application in place, a wireless subscriber will receive a detailed notification of the MSISDN’s/MDN failed to reach the subscriber, due to their phone being busy, switched off or out of coverage area. This helps subscribers call back the numbers that couldn’t reach them. Notification to the subscriber is an SMS, containing the Caller ID along with the date and time of when the call was made.

Pyro’s VMS represents the evolution of traditional voicemail systems to new, next generation communications platforms. VMS is a large capacity message management platform for voice messaging. Designed for service providers, the platform incorporates full range of multimedia and multi-application power and flexibility. VMS provides users with a natural extension of the messaging environment. Expanding on the concept of making your “desk available anytime anywhere”, the integration of advanced features such as prompt notification makes VMS a powerful tool for enhanced service delivery.

Voice SMS is a fast way to send a short message to another mobile subscriber using Voice as the medium of communication. Though it is similar to an SMS text message, Voice SMS is much easier to use. There are no keystrokes to compose the message; you just talk. Voice SMS offers greater flexibility over text messages as few mobile devices cannot interpret some languages. Individuals can easily use Voice SMS to communicate in their language. Pyro’s Voice SMS is the perfect turnkey solution for operators and service providers for providing Value Added Services to their customers.

With Background Music, you can play your selected song during phone conversations. This means that you can personalise all calls with music while talking with your friends or family members.

Background Music is easy to use and it gives subscribers the flexibility to adjust the background music volume. This network based solution is compatible with all types of mobile handsets and fixed telephones, which are capable of basic voice transmission. The service applies equally well to postpaid and prepaid subscribers and to all types of SIM cards.

This user-friendly feature is compatible with all mobile phone models. Apart from being cost effective, it also helps boost the falling ARPUs.

Messaging & USSD

Messaging & USSD

Pyro offers an innovative solution which keeps operators on lead in today’s competitive market. Pyro’s Speed Messaging Platform is a robust and flexible bulk SMS push tool, which allows users to create SMS push campaigns and monitor the ratio of messages delivered successfully at the same time. It supports multiple formats such as SMS, USSD, Flash message, Long messages (SMS longer than 160 characters), OTA message, WAP push, etc.

Speed Messaging Platform can be seamlessly integrated into the existing messaging system or application. As such, the Platform enables Pyro in providing operators with a reliable plug and play, high-capacity SMS platform for cross carrier messaging.

To increase the awareness about a new services and also to advertise other products, operators are looking for a solution which can send alerts or messages to number of subscribers at a time. By considering this demand of the operators, Pyro has developed this innovative solution.

Pyro’s MIB works as a centralised access controller/gateway broker for all external third party content providers (CPs). The Message Integration Broker acts as a platform to receive messages from multiple destinations, determines the correct destination and routes the message to the correct channel.

The USP of this platform is that it is a single point of communication for all applications. An application sends a message to the message broker, providing the logical name of the receivers. The message broker then looks up applications registered under the logical name and passes the message to destination. The message broker can expose different interfaces to the collaborating applications and it can translate messages between these interfaces.

Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) is a standard for transmitting information over GSM signaling channels. It provides session-based communication, enabling a variety of applications that can support a sequence of exchange of information. It is several times faster than MO SMS messages since there is no store and forward of messages.

Pyro USSD suite comprises of the following two components:
  • USSD Gateway
  • Pyro USSD gateway comprises of the entire application linking the SS7 media with the TCP/IP protocol. It provides transparent connectivity to the mobile users for VAS applications. It facilitates services which can be made available anywhere in the world using the same codes that are compatible with all handsets.

  • USSD Applications
  • USSD supports VAS application such as Tele-voting, Information Services Definition of Service Codes, Outbound Notification, Inbound Notification, SMS/MMS Menu, Interactive Service Portal, and News & other Alerts. It also supports roaming applications such as Call Me (USSD Receipt), Call Me (SMS Receipt), Notify Me, VAS While Roaming, and Information Services.

USSDNext makes it possible for an operator’s high value customers to access the traditional USSD services with their Smart Phone over IP. All major smart-phones are supported by the USSDNext. USSDNext is a power solution that uses the capabilities of smart-phone's touch experience to the fullest, giving a smooth experience to customers. It extends the lifespan of the existing traditional USSD infrastructure as MNOs deploy 3G, IMS and LTE networks – where traditional USSD is either not supported or IP-only devices do not support USSD natively.

Using USSDNext, MNOs can offer all existing USSD services over IP to customers through the USSDNext Mobile App or through SelfCare App, connecting through the APIs. MNOs can configure all the USSD services on our USSDNext platform, enabling the subscriber to access operator assisted services in a single place, so that the customer doesn’t have to remember the various short codes for various services.

USSDNext Mobile App is designed to maximize the mobile functionality by integrating with the Phonebook contact for seamless integration of adding mobile number as a parameter for any given service. It also has an advertising space/banner space where USSDNext platform can fetch the ads from the MNO’s ad engine and render the ads to the mobile device.

Content Management

Content Management

CMS provides insights into a subscriber’s usage patterns, preferences, demographics and feedback, allowing you to deliver a customised, targeted offering. CMS facilitates the organisation, control and publication of a large body of documents and other content, such as images and multimedia resources.

Pyro’s CMS ensures that there is a seamless supply of the latest content to the end-user from the operator that not only helps the Mobile Operator have an edge over competition based on tactical content, but also provides up-to-date content. This increases customer’s interest in the content portal for new content. CMS comes with an additional feature of handling all the billing related configurations, thus reducing the load on both the operator and the content provider.

SDP allows very easy definition and development of new services. It also provides a single environment within which network integration occurs once, so new services do not require major new IT integration. SDP is more than a single product, or component within the network. It is a suite of interconnected products that enable flexible service creation, modification and subscriber personalisation. SDP provides with insight into subscriber usage patterns, preferences, demographics and feedback, allowing you to deliver a customized, targeted offering. SDP facilitates the arrangement, control and publication of a large body of documents and other content, such as images and multimedia resources.

Features and Functionalities:
  • Handles all the billing related configurations thus reducing the load on both the operator and the content provider
  • Works as a centralized access controller/gateway broker for all external connectivity (CS)
  • Acts as a charging request handler to billing/charging platform for all 3rd parties
  • Provides integration capability with operator IN/Billing system as well as other parties like SMSC, WAP, GPRS, MFS and Electronic Recharge
One App

One App (Mobile SelfCare App)

Pyro’s OneApp provides subscribers the convenience of accessing their account and billing details. It allows them to pay bills, recharge prepaid accounts, manage VAS subscriptions, order games, music and movies and do much more. The solution helps reduce service-calls, time-to-market new products and provides anytime access to services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Pyro’s OneApp is a native application that can be downloaded on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and J2ME compatible smartphones and devices.

Pyro’s solution enables OpCo to provide a single app for all the services in multiple countries.

  • Provides easy to use GUI-based tools to add new self-care services and modules
  • Offers customizable and pre-developed templates to meet operator-specific requirements
  • Supports subscriber profiling based on usage, region, language and subscription
  • Enables provisioning of personalised services
  • Provides tools for uploading and managing promotions
  • Unbilled usage status
  • Outstanding bill amount status
  • Bill payments facility
  • Bill generation cycle
  • Buy Bundles (Data, SMS, etc.) and calculate best fit plan or change data plans
  • Start and stop services (Manage VAS services)
  • Raise requests, complaints etc
  • Special offers
  • Balance status
  • Recharge facility
  • Usage details status – voice, data, SMS and other
  • Recharge History
  • Validity Period
  • Buy Bundles (Data, SMS etc.) and calculate best fit plan or change data plans
  • Start and stop services (manage VAS services)
  • Raise requests, complaints etc
  • Special offers
For Businesses
  • Reduces operational cost of inbound calls to the call centre while freeing up internal resources
  • Improves service and enhances customer experience
  • Delivers various types of value added services in one place
  • Communicates and markets services and offerings to customers
  • Multi channel accessibility, allows customers to access, manage, configure and subscribe to the services through all the channels
  • Helps understand customers on an individual level and identifies their social influence
  • Drives revenue through cross-sell/up-sell services
  • Increases customer retention and satisfaction through on-demand solutions by fulfilling customer needs anytime anywhere
For Consumers
  • Greater control and convenience
  • Immediate anytime, anywhere access to account information
  • Richer service experience
  • Faster query resolution