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Radio Network Services

Radio Network Planning and Design

Radio Network Planning Services include radio network and transmission planning, dimensioning, coverage prediction, nominal and detailed planning with different radio network planning tool, site selection and survey, antenna design, parameter setting, frequency planning, initial tuning and documentation.

Network planning services are classified in two main categories

Radio Network Planning services include:

  • Propagation Model tuning
  • Nominal Cell planning and Coverage analysis
  • RF site survey
  • Access network and Backhaul planning
  • Transmission LOS Survey
  • Initial Tuning
  • New Frequency / Code planning
  • Interference Reduction Analysis
  • Capacity planning and Traffic Load balancing
  • Parameter planning
  • Site Removal / Re-Location planning
  • Frequency Planning
  • Site database &Neighbor list planning

Benchmarking Services

Today's extremely competitive wireless market place is experiencing smart phone growth and new network generations driving an increasingly complex mobile broadband services ecosystem. A key competitive lead for any operator is to have a intense understanding of how the end-user perceives their Quality of Experience (QoE), which greatly impacts their overall satisfaction vis-a-vis competition. Benchmarking Services provides this QoE insight to wireless carriers by delivering business intelligence to maximise customer satisfaction to reduce churn, increase ARPU and increase ROI of CapEx and OpEx.

  • End-to-end comparison and understanding of service quality of Voice, data, messaging and video vis-à-vis competition
  • Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring focuses on the end user experience of the service, and allows mobile network operators to react to what effectively subjective quality degradations by investigating the technical cause of the problem in time-correlated data collected during the drive test. Drive centrally manage usage and information dissemination across the entire engineering organization

  • Voice Reports - Voice quality is benchmarked using Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for audio and call quality. Voice reports also contain network information such as call statistics, receiver power and converge
  • Data Reports - Data stream quality is benchmarked using upload and download speed as well as internet connection speed. Analysis of the data quality (Voice Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for VOIP or Video Stream with Mean Opinion Score (MOS). These reports also include information like bit error rates, throughput, and latency
  • Scanner Reports - Scanner reports contain strictly network strength measurements like signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio

Radio Network Optimisation

PYRO RF Optimisation Services guarantee a thorough optimisation of the network and an improvement of network performance within the customer defined constraints. We determine areas for improvement and specify the required input data - measurements, network configuration data and other data about the technology used in the network, analyse the data and determine the changes needed to optimize the network performance.

PYRO optimisation services includes a split of the radio network optimisation process in five sub process

PYRO provides network audit services to its clients, which are telecom service providers or telecom vendors to have a complete knowledge about the implemented systems in the field. This could be physical site audit, where checks are made on the antenna height, antenna type, azimuths, tilt, transmit frequency etc, which broadly fall under the hardware network audit. Under the Radio quality network audit tasks like drive test are used to identify black spots in coverage, quality. Frequency plan analysis helps to check the carrier to interference ratio and the critical areas/regions with high interference resulting in bad voice quality. Cell/BSC/RNC parameter analysis checks for incorrect parameters and values that degrade the QOS to the customer.

The deliverables of Radio Network Verification services include:

  • Radio network parameters consistency check report
  • Verification report for each 2G/3G/4G radio site
  • Service verification report
  • Weekly problem tracking report

The methodology of radio network benchmarking services includes:

  • Definition benchmarking periodicity
  • Definition of reference areas for benchmarking by region
  • Definition of reference drive test condition
  • Drive test data collection for all technologies (2G/3G/HSPA+)
  • Drive test data processing and comparative analysis of all operators and with data for the previous benchmark

The deliverables of Radio Network Verification services include:

  • Cluster/Route drive test report and recommendation
  • Radio network modification report for each level of modification implementation
  • Weekly customer complain analysis report

PYRO offers high level analysis of radio network parameters and structures to provide better KPI. KPI improvement is provided to Customers in a short period with PYRO KPI Optimisation methodology for each BSC / RNC /Cluster

The methodology of radio network KPI optimisation services includes:

  • BSC/RNC/ Cluster based analysis of available raw network counter data
  • Cell/BSC/ RNC based parameters, Cell configuration analysis and changes
  • Radio Network capacity utilisation analysis and re-dimensioning
  • Weekly/monthly network KPI trend report (Drop Rate, CSSR, HO SR, IRAT-SR, EDGE/HSDPA throughput)
  • Ongoing monitoring of network performance
  • Periodically Radio Network Field Optimisation

In-Building Solution

Pyro offers In-building solutions for 2G/3G and WiMax technologies, one of the fastest changes in mobile network rollouts that is occurring inside the buildings.

As a part of Network Planning we offer following services :

  • Identification of potential buildings for IBS
  • Trace and identify coverage and capacity weak spots in building
  • Propose best suitable RF source to resolve pretending problem
  • Design distributed antenna system using passive, active elements and prepare complete link engineering diagram with each antenna's EIRP proposal report
  • Implementation of IBS solution with best professional way without disturbing aesthetic of building
  • LOS & Link Planning to connect site/repeater
  • RF parameter planning for site/repeater
  • RF walk test and call quality testing
  • IBS solution fine tuning for coverage, quality and capacity
  • Maintenance of IBS solution

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Installation & Commissioning

We offer quality services for BTS Installation & Commissioning and Microware Installation & Commissioning.

BTS/ NodeB Installation an activity are carried out according to site specific installation plan and includes:

  • Installation and termination of radio feeder cables, antennas and grounding kits
  • Installation of BTS/NodeB (or extension rack), plug-in units and all internal cables
  • Installation of transmission cable, power cable and power system, grounding cable and alarm cable for BTS/NodeB
  • Load BTS/NodeB software and set up needed parameters

We support in the integration according to telecom equipment manufacturer integration procedures and quality documentation.

Integration is directed to:

  • Integrate the BTS/NodeB to BSC/RNC
  • General checkup of software package
  • Test calls for every time slot for 2GA
  • Test external alarms and do any other required tests by the operator
  • Realignment of antennas during optimisation

In order for communication between the BTS and the BSC, there is a requirement for Microwave (MW) Installations as a transmission medium.

Following activities are carried out by us to implement microwaves:

  • Installation of MW antenna and outdoor unit
  • Installation of indoor unit modem & MW feeder
  • Commissioning of MW link and Alignment of antennas to obtain surveyed receive level
  • Integration of MW link

Network Operations & Maintainance

Network Operations & Maintenance

Network Operations and Maintenance service portfolio enables Network Operators to focus on the core of their business in marketing, brand building and value creation while ensuring effective Network Operations and Maintenance activities thus yielding significant reduction in Operational Expenses.

Service offerings:

  • Fault Management & Trouble shooting Management
  • Root Cause Analysis Support & Reporting
  • Upgrade/Capacity Management
  • Configuration Management
  • KPI Measurement
  • Backup management & Recovery support
  • Database Management
  • Remote Infrastructure Alarm monitoring and resolution
  • Onsite and remote Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Field Scheduling & Dispatch Management

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance of

  • Core Network Elements (MSC, BSC, BTS) Transmission Systems
  • Access Networks like Wimax, FTTH etc
  • Fiber Networks
  • Electrical Equipments & other facilities

Support Services like

  • Hardware software upgrades
  • Rental Management
  • EB Payment Management
  • Diesel Filling Management
  • 3rd Party activity coordination
  • Site Access management
  • Security Services

  • Technical Help Desk
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Type Approval Testing
  • Process Management activities

  • Spares Rotopool Management
  • Spares Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Repair & Return coordination
  • 3rd party Vendor Management

Network Operations & Maintainance

Core Networks Services

CS Core

QOS improvement can be achieved by expanding the coverage area and by optimally utilising the available resources on both the access and the core network parts. Pyro performs and supports below activities in CS core network.

Below activities are involved in CS core Planning

  • Core network architecture plan, strategy and roadmap development
  • Extensive experience of the capacity planning, design and audit of GSM ,UMTS
  • CS planning – Traffic and Signaling eg. MAP, ISUP, IUS, GN, GI, TCAP etc
  • CS Core Network Design – HLD & LLD and Network moderation
  • CS POOL Network Optimisation
  • Core Network Capacity forecasting & up gradation
  • Core Network optimisation & capacity balancing according to latest utilisation trend and subscriber growth

Below activities are involved in CS core nodes installation and commissioning as per OEM guidelines

  • Installation and commissioning of MGW,HLR,MSC,GMSC,IN
  • Patch cord connection between MGW to DDF
  • Software loading on the nodes
  • Transmission cable, power cable and power system connectivity
  • Card level installation and diagnosis
  • Routing table configuration in MSC
  • Link configuration between the nodes

New node integration like

  • Patch cord connectivity with existing nodes
  • Link configuration of communication with existing nodes

Operation and Maintenance management is a critical component of the GSM network. Pyro has been reliable and preferred vendor for managed service operations of operators core network. Below set of activities will be performed on the system for a smooth.

  • POI related configurations in MSC and MGW
  • Performing roaming testing like IR24, IR32, IR35, IR50
  • Performing testing in coordination with national and international operators roaming tie-up’s
  • Taking regular backups of various nodes & storing in external media
  • Conducting regular health check of core nodes
  • Reconciliation of MGT’s, SCCPGT’s & CNACLD across all MSCs in coordination with RA
  • Planning and augmentation of links & E1s for local Access Networks, NLD & STP’s based on the utilisation
  • Configurations of LAIGCI for any new Cells & BSCs
  • Daily report publishing to client & other management teams internally
  • Configurations of new codes as per regularly shared routing matrix
  • Troubleshooting and rectification on IN for any prepaid call issues
  • Troubleshooting of faults generated in MSC/VLR/MSS/MGW/HLR and escalating to L3 team based on severity
  • New BSC definition in MSC and MGW
  • Configuring and troubleshooting for MSS and MGW IP link connectivity
  • SW and HW upgrades as per the guidelines provided by OEM
  • New MSISDN level definitions
  • Integrating new nodes with MSC/MSS/MGW like SMSC, IN, HLR, SRBT other VAS nodes and OSS
  • Analysing and rectifying the node health check issues
  • Daily KPI analysis corrective methods
  • Follow up with other roaming partners for any roaming issues
  • Conducting planned activities whenever required in coordination with CR team
  • SMSC migration activities
  • Inter MSC, BSC, HLR link configuration
  • 3G configurations, RNC integration with MSC configurations
  • 3G roaming restriction configurations in MSC for restricting of other operators to latch on 3G Network
  • Configuring of roaming related data in MSC & HLR
  • Coordination with the Data Team (Router Team) for any IP migration activity or a new BICC Connectivity to be established
  • Analysing the daily network reports and to take necessary action in coordination with other groups in case of KPI degradations
  • Analysing daily routes blocking and traffic/call report
  • Addressing all core configuration related complaints as per SLA
  • Quarterly Configuration audit of main analysis for all core nodes
  • Align with Project Manager’s to finalise new node integration timelines
  • Launching new services, auditing new core nodes as per design before putting into operation, migrations and integrations core network consisting (Blade Cluster, MSC-s, M-MGW, Monolithic MSC’s, HLR’s and STP)

Packet Switching Core

Pyro performs and supports below activities in PS core network.

  • Packet & Circuit Core Network Design & Development
  • Capacity planning SGSN, GGSN, P-GW and MME as per the business requirements
  • PS Network capacity dimensioning, optimisation
  • Up gradations of PS core nodes as per OEM guidelines

  • Configurations done for new connectivity in SGSN and as wells as in Routers
  • New GB links configuration for GB over FR interface and Gb over IP interfaces
  • Network IP path routing for different interfaces & services
  • IP pool augmentation of various APNs
  • Direct Tunnel feature configuration for RNCs
  • Configuration of new services and features at GGSN and creating the test profile for the new services to check the services are working or not before going to live the services
  • Migration of BSC’s and RNC’s from One SGSN to another SGSN
  • Implementation of new applications at GGSN for different APNs

  • SGSN and GGSN patch up gradation as per OEM guidelines
  • Media augmentation for different packet core interfaces
  • Configuration and expansion work activities including card level and expansion in same node
  • New node configuration and also configuration on the existing nodes
  • Creating policies on Policy Server (PCRF) for 3G, 2G & CDMA Data services
  • New BSC & RNC configuration for packet core services

  • Trouble shooting and rectification of SGSN, GGSN, CG, DNS, PCRF, OCS
  • Trouble shooting & rectification of alarms escalated due to various issues in all Packet core Nodes
  • Preparing MOP’s for network tuning
  • URL’s blocking in GGSN as per Customer request
  • Testing of new applications at GGSN for different APNs
  • Roaming configuration at SGSN end
  • Bandwidth augmentation for different packet core interfaces
  • User trace file analysis to resolve network issues and customer complaints like home, in-roamer and as well as out roamer issues
  • Analysis of ping & trace-root response to sort out various interface issues
  • Periodic health check of packet core and datacom (Routers, Switches, Firewalls) nodes
  • Support to Project team in AT (RA validation, Customer AT and TAC handover)
  • Taking the CDR backup up’s and Command log Backup’s on daily basis and maintaining the tracker
  • White listing of IP’s for different vendors in GGSN
  • Taking the SGSN and GGSN backup up’s on daily basis and maintaining the tracker
  • Verifying performance reports of SGSN & GGSN for KPI analysis

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Consulting Services

Pyro provides highly skilled consultants with right attitude, responsibility and sincerity towards work to meet given target in best possible timeline in India and Overseas market:

  • RF Network Planners (2G / 3G)
  • RF Optimisers (2G/ 3G)
  • Transmission Planners
  • RF Drive Testing Experts
  • RF & LOS Survey Engineers
  • RF Project Manager
  • CS Core specialist
  • PS Core specialist
  • IP Planner
  • IP / MPLS specialist
  • IN & Fraud Analysis specialist
  • Transmission Project Manager
  • Technicians & Riggers